Junk in the trunk


I have been training on our crane 506. a Portal crane that operates at the port of Oslo. By the veteran Steinar Hopstad who has been operating at the port for about 26 years.

img_6188 This is Steinar discharging iron bars. A privilege to be trained by him and to observe him work the crane. On the ground we had highly experienced and trained slingers for the job.

img_6199Also me and Jonas Nielsen loaded som junk! Good day and lots of good talking. We also catched a live mouse in the grab. Hope the mouse is fine!
Here is a photo from below deck. All of this is supposed to be full at the end. Loooots of junk!

img_6212Photo of the “grab” getting junk.

Here is a video of Jonas operating:

I would like to give the guys a huge thank you. For you’re patience and good mood.

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