Exploring Marocco, Essaouira.

For six days me and my friend Sveinung Ryan spent time in North-Africa, Essaouira.
We were greeted with this sign. In the top it is written”Kunt” in arabic.

During our stay we experienced a culture and environment totally different from the one I am used to.  Fascinating and interesting were words often used during our stay.

I would like to give a huge thanks to Federico (host). His generosity and hospitality is appreciated. He enthusiastically gave us information about Marocco and Essaouira.

I consider Essaourian perception of time fascinating.


And to Sveinung Ryan: Thanks for the great  conversations bringing thought and inspiration. A privilege getting to know you. Nice to share valuable time of life with u. IMG_6708 (1)
Shout out to all the time consumers out there! 😀
IMG_6697 (1)
Just take you’re time. No hurry! IMG_6716 (1)

This is me saying farewell to Essaouira.

InShaAllah  (pronounced [ʔɪn ʃaːʔ ɑɫˈlɑh]), also in sha Allah or insha’Allah, is the Arabic language expression for “Allah willing” or “if Allah wills”.) IMG_6752
Photo taken by Sveinung Ryan.

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