Parat UNG Union Seminar

21557182_10159189678395304_273111695_oScary Greeting @ Abra Havn (Kristiansand)21556160_10159322239380392_1445691359_o
Second Leader of Parat Vegar Einan performing a presentation21534593_10159189691440304_2128726063_oThe Design of the site was carefully detailed and with style21618349_10210153663693497_974819748_o
Me holding a presentation of our developed resolution for the board members of Parat
Its inspiring to learn how to speak in front of people. I feel proud.

Video of the ending of the presentation

21556335_10155519088736142_1648896208_oAll of the participants at the seminar. Thanks for a great time and good luck in future union engagements! 


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