Union is the state of being united or joined.

Recent three days Parat (union) have organized a course for the representatives.

Here are some of the memories created: Kongsberg1
Kongsberg town with Numedalslågen (river) Kongsberg 6
Parat (Union)IMG_0123
Scott Dennis (board member Parat UNG) & Me

IMG_4897Me during our presentation

Martin & me after our presentation! Relieved and excited! Kongsberg4
Stone cold, cold shoulder Kongsberg 5
Union photoIMG_0117The hotel didn’t supply us with enough rooms. My friend Scott and I decided to stay together for one night to help the hotel solve this problem. Red wine and a gift card were given to us as a sign of gratitude. *Romantic* 😀 Kongsberg 3Had a random meeting with a nice lady with her dogs. She took this photo.Kongsberg 2Whirlwind

Thank you, Parat for letting me gain this experience. I have learnt much and I am looking forward to future challenges and development. I feel humble for receiving this opportunity.

Much obliged.



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