A good friend is someone you trust. Someone you can tell a secret and you know it will be kept.

Someone who supports you and actively listens to you. A good friend is someone who is critical and asks you important questions and challenges your ideas and meanings.

Thank you for being a good friend for me since we first met after our birth.

In good health

Health first is a saying in Norway. Prioritize your health and live a long and happy life. We have one of the best welfare systems globally, and we also have one of the highest numbers of people with health issues in the world.

I have experience instant pain in my muscles that were so severe that I had to go to the emergency hospital. It happens in my line of work as a crane operator. We are all different individuals. Some manage to work hard for a long time, and some need more space in between. It’s an ongoing struggle to find the right balance.

That is why I want to vent out some of my thoughts on this subject. The whole system is based on trust. Trust that the patient/client is telling the truth about their health condition. Sometimes I suspect that people can take advantage of the collective welfare system. And the ones taking the blow are the people that stay healthy and are doing the work.

At my work site, we have different kinds health issues. What I have experienced is that the healthy ones are the ones that have to do the work the ones with reduced health cant do. It puts extra pressure on the ones that still have their health. It can lead to more health issues in the long run if it isn’t properly managed. In the end, you will create a hazardous work environment that is challenging to turn back.

I feel like this is a problem for many worksites. The strange part is that the salary is usually equal. Even if you do more work and carry more load, you get equal pay.

My opinion on this is that it should be extra customized for the ones able to do every task. Find smart solutions and give relief to the ones doing all the tasks.

Below is some articles about this subject:

Covid-19 activities🦠❄️


We are all going through it: Corona, Covid-19, the pandemic. I’m tired of talking about it, reading about it and watching it repeatedly on the news. I know I don’t have to expose myself to it. Its difficult when that’s pretty much all that people talk about. 

Today I’m going to talk about how I’m coping and handling this time. Im lucky to have a socially critical job. That means we have to work still to provide people with goods and food. 

So this helps a lot to have still a job. Besides that Norway is locking down pretty much everything now. It means less social time and fewer activities. For me, I have found a full body work out that fits me:

I recommend finding 30 minutes of your day to do an activity. It doesn’t matter if it’s taking a hike, just walking or cleaning your apartment. Find your way and get active for 30 minutes. It’s a realistic goal for most people, and it makes you feel good afterwards. Recent weeks I have trained with a close friend of mine to also ad some social time during this exercise, it’s so important to take care of our psyche. 

Also, my girlfriend and I have dedicated more time to cooking. By spending so much time home, you now have the opportunity to make delicious food. Yesterday we created this dish: – So amazing! It has changed the way I cook fish. 

Besides that, I try to be grateful for having more time with my family and have the privilege to write this for you guys. 

That’s all for now, and I wish you good fortune and a constructive epidemic time. 


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