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Daddy Finstad with daughter Solveig
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The last three months have been hectic! Here is a minor update with a few photos. I will try to post more in the upcoming weeks.

Gustav has been born! Body 3658 grams and 52 cm long. After about 20 hours of labour, he finally joined the world and came to life outside of the comforting and safe womb—what a magnificent experience to witness.

Being part of something so miraculous makes you humble and in awe of what women need to undergo to give birth.

Gustav was thirteen days overdue, and mother Eva needed to initiate the birth. Due to statistics and research that childbirth increases when he is overdue by ten days. So we chose to induce labour. First, we inserted a balloon that helped expand the uterus. After that, she started taking prostaglandins as pills. Sometimes this is enough to start contractions. If that’s not enough to induce labour, you will get a drip of oxytocin into your blood.

It didn’t take long until the contractions came, and we drove off to the hospital. Then Eva had about three centimeters opening, and the real battle with contractions could begin. Eva fought gracefully with controlled breathing and focus. After a while, Eva threw me out. You don’t negotiate with a woman in labour. Nothing personal, and I waited patiently in the hallway for the next step.

After about four hours, we got transferred to the birth department with our room. Here we put on a personal playlist of bird sounds and ice water for Eva. The battle with the contractions continued heavily.

As a man, it was a challenge for me to watch the love of my life go through so much pain. You are put on the sideline and can’t do anything to ease her pain.

Then after about 12 hours of intense labour, the pushing could begin. Here we were a team cooperating to get Gustav to see the world’s light. We had three midwives, and I helped Eva push. In the end, he finally came out!

What a miracle❣️ He came out with his eyes wide open. A precious moment never to be forgotten. Relief was the feeling in the room, and the first thing he did was get onto moms chest and connect to the breast: a breathtaking sight and so much love.

Long time since last time

Long time since last time

A long time since the last time is a translation of a Norwegian saying: Lenge siden sist. It’s something you say to someone after a long time of seeing each other. Here is some words and a lot of pictures:

Hi everyone! First, I would like to go through some inventory before the actual post. I have to mention first that Gustav! Yes, that’s my future son’s name, and he is due at the beginning of February.

A lot has happened during recent months. Winter has arrived in Oslo, and we have bought a new apartment. We also made a trip to Dubai, which I will elaborate on in this post.

Now I am just writing out of pure coincidence and what comes up is to express my gratitude towards Jordan B. Peterson. He is, for me, my digital father figure. Someone I regularly listen to and have been doing for the last 4-5 years. After being influenced by him, my life has gotten significantly better.

My goals are more refined. My consciousness has increased. It takes some effort to be conscious because I don’t find it natural in my personality. It’s something I work on daily. I have noticed that by paying attention and focusing on the task at hand. You get more respect, and you achieve more.

I love to take it easy and procrastinate, and maybe I drink too much wine and overeat. But it’s improving. Even though slowly it’s heading in the right direction. It’s not always paying off to be too hard on yourself. We have a life to live, and we are privileged to choose how to 🙂

Just recently I sold my flat. I beat the market by about 5% and had a good chunk of money from the sale. Most of it went into our new apartment. I don’t want to brag, but I am proud of what I have achieved.

My road to this has been somewhat long. I have saved money for about 5-6 years. At the beginning of my twenties, I was annoyed by how to buy a home. It would be best if you had cash and it was only five times the yearly salary you could get in a loan. I was bitter and didn’t want to buy anything for a long time. Then I listened to Jordan B. P. I learned you have to man up and start to take action. So I did and started saving money. For about five years, I saved around 100.000- NOK each year. I could afford a flat and slept on an air mattress for two months until I could afford a proper bed.

My point here is that setting a goal and starting saving did, in some sense, save me from not having a plan to achieve. The hardest part is starting and maintaining the discipline to keep saving. In the end, it most likely will pay itself off.

I hope it can inspire someone to do the same. Play the game of life as good as you can, and fortune will find you.

I haven’t been posting much lately. Here are some photos which sum up the last 2-3 months:

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