Happy new year🎆

Ask yourself this: When do you truly experience happiness? A question I have been plundering about for years. Reading self-help books and looking at videos that try to explain how to be happy. It helps to a certain degree. In the end, you are responsible for your happiness. Dig deep to find what amuses you. Dig deep to comprehend what makes you laugh. What makes you feel loved and what you like to do to show love.  

I try to evaluate the times I have been thrilled and to figure out what caused it. We are all unique individuals. But we also share some typical recipes for feeling good. The standard phrase is to have a steady sleep routine, exercise and be around positive people. To some degree, its accurate and reasonable. What happens when you do all this, and you still don’t get that good feeling?

Try to find a moment in your memory where you were thrilled. Think hard, and it has to be real. What caused it? How was your day until you felt happy? Who was involved? What did you do at that exact moment? 

When you have sorted this out maybe it will provide what you need to get more of that feeling.


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