Gathering of union members for Yilport Oslo

Yesterday we gathered for a meeting with our union members.

The agenda was to discuss our working conditions.

and vote for new union representatives.

 Here is Alexander Dausch. New union representative for our TCs working on the ground. Congrats!

 Parat (Our union) and Espen Sundby served pizza during our meeting. Jummy! 

Mood picture of Rudi and “Buddy”. 

Group assembled 🙂

 Our union has been increasing its members during 2015.

 Congrats to Lars Kringstad (to the right) as our new main union representative.

Espen Sundby stepping down after years of good service as main  union representative.
He will still be performing assistance and guidance as a representative.

Thank you Espen and good luck to all of our new representatives!:-)

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